Pasta Pizza

Now this is a recipe that’s practically memorized in our house and is a major favorite of Mr. du jour’s.  I dare say we make this every couple months as it’s not only gloriously delicious to eat each time but also fun to create and piece together.  It has a great blend of textures and […]

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Curry Mussels


Thai curries and mussels are definitely a few of our favorite things so it was only a matter of time before they found themselves together in the same dish.  This is a great one pot meal for kicking back with a bottle of wine and enjoying with your favorite people.  It may be a little […]

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Tortilla Soup

2013-10-13 18.00.42

Hands down, this tortilla soup recipe is a real winner.  Not only is it incredibly easy to throw together (all you really need is a can opener…) but the taste and consistency of what we all strive to find with tortilla soups is spot on.  And since we LOOVE to spice everything up, the poblanos […]

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