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The phrase “It’s a keeper!” is one often expressed in our household right after taking that first bite of a meal, when you just know there’s something worthy of celebrating in the dish that sets it apart from other experiences.  Since the hubs and I manage to explore new recipes nearly every night, this blog showcases our “keepers” and provides organization as we weed out the duds!

While both originally from the Midwest (St. Louis and Chicago), we moved to the DC area after college and continue to cultivate our appreciation for a wide variety of foods, particularly those with ethnic flavors.  We love trying to recreate those flavors at home, expanding our culinary horizons, being resourceful with what’s already stocked in the pantry, and creating new ways of preparing those CSA veggies to keep dinners enthralling and fresh!

Hope you find some “keepers” too –

Bon Appetit!




5 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. This blog is wonderful…..just like you, Jill.
    I will enjoy following you and your culinary adventures.
    Good luck and happy cooking!

  2. I’ve often said that I’d rather have a recipe book with 50 checked good recipes than 1000 recipes. I heard about Jillian, and if SHE says these that these are good enough to make again, then I think I struck gold finding this website.

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